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Welcome to the Emotion Regulation Lab (ERL) at Bar Ilan University. Our lab is interested in the role of emotions in healthy and atypical human functioning. The lab’s primary research goal is to gain a better understanding on how individuals differ in their ability to regulate negative mood. Individual differences in the ability to attenuate sadness and distress in context-appropriate ways represent a clinically meaningful link between stress and the emergence of depressed mood. Depression is a significant mental health problem and is a gateway to chronic affective difficulties.

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Lab News

Lab News

Business Morning
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Congratulations to Noa!!

Congratulations to our staff member, Noa Tsuk-Ram, for being rewarded for her presentation "predictions & flexibility" project, at this weeks departmental conference in Bar-Ilan university.

Business Morning

 "A multi-country test of brief reappraisal interventions on emotions during the COVID-19 pandemic"


Huge congrats to Ke Wang, Amit Goldenberg and to the many, many Psychological Science Accelerator collaborators! We feel very grateful to be part of this team.

Across 21,644 participants, 87 countries, & with 456 collaborators, we found that reappraisal decreased negative emotions and increased positive ones during the pandemic. To read more: https://t.co/4veX1bOmi5


Very excited to see that the first paper from the PsySciAcc (https://twitter.com/PsySciAccCOVID-Rapid) project is out at @NatureHumBehav (https://twitter.com/NatureHumBehav)!

Congratulations to Or !!

Congratulations to our staff member, Or Cohen Ben Simon,  for receiving a grant from "Bishvil Hahayim" (Path to Life), an Israeli non-profit organization, for her Ph.D. research proposal. This grant was given to commemorate Lior Zfati which committed suicide while she was only 18.

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Excited about 2022



So much happening in the lab!

Experiment running, lab meetings, training the staff to use physiological metrics... 

Good luck!

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